Khadijah Dixon Internship at Philadelphia Juvenile Probation Office

My I.D badge that does not open doors but very helpful.

My I.D badge that does not open doors but very helpful.

On the days that I attend my internship, it mostly contains of me being at my desk but the people I get to talk to on a daily basis are the kindest people I have ever met. Although I only see them for a few minutes during the days that I am there, they always keep a smile on my face and always ask either how my day is going or ask about my experiences up until that point. That in return always put a smile on my face and continues to motivate me throughout the day.

Four days a week I walk in the family court house around 9am (sometimes 8:30), say good morning to the security guard and I walk down to the last metal detector with my student intern I.D., which looks very similar to the other employees I.D’s expect ours do not open doors. After the metal detectors, I proceed to the elevators. At times there is a line and everyone, from employees to clients, just waits around until an opening on the elevator opens. Often times it is a fast process. Once on the elevator, I push the button to go to floor 9. When I reach my floor, the security guards mostly know who I am and they let me back to where the desk are. Once at my desk, I check my email and then go to talk to my supervisor about how many referrals we have to do. At times she has most of the packets done and I would finish them by sending an email for the education records and by doing the cover pages.(Yes I have a government email) After I pick up the education records and put them with their appropriate packets, I deliver them to community behavioral health. Sometimes they give me evaluations to input in one of our systems and then deliver them to the parole officers.

The information from my tranining sessions

The information from my tranining sessions

After delivering them to the parole officers, I help my supervisor with the random moments, which are papers that are sent to probation officers to find out what they are doing at random moments. At times the papers can ask the parole officers what they are doing at 10:03 am. Then I do family service plans, which gives the information about a child who has been committed to an institution. This is what I do on a daily basis. Occasionally I get to attend workshops. Thus far I have attended two. The first was a session on Autism Awareness and the second one was on a facility that helps youth who have committed sexual offenses. They both were interesting. I think the most interesting thing I observed was how in each session the parole officers asked questions that they knew would help them understand how to help the child better.

My supervisor is a parole officer who has been with the city for over 25 years. She has trained me in all of the systems and she has given me her badge most of the time to get past the doors. She also has shown me around to the building and also where the stairs are so I do not have to wait for the elevator to go down one floor. She will be retiring in July and it will be sad to see her leave. Reflecting back on my past experiences I have done, everything from being professional and all of my typing experiences has prepared me for this internship.

Week Due: Intern Abroad, Novafeltria, Italy- Autumn Galka

Week Due:

It’s been a very busy week and a half. Most of the present week has consisted of fittings with the Singers and fixing any fitting notes. Many sewing projects were completed, but also I was presented with collaboratively designing a look for Elvira in L’Italiana in Algeri. I essentially converted a modern prom gown into something an Algerian woman would wear. I added a jewel-toned jacket with gold trim and a sash.

Tuesday evening I had a brand new cultural experience. It was Le Notte Di Cento Cantini, here in Novafeltria. Le Notte translates roughly to “The Night of the Hundred Basins. “ The event essentially celebrates the summer solstice. Vendors sold flower petals to place in a basin in the moonlight. In the morning you’d wash your face with the water and become beautiful.

10150729_10153480521924224_1393688081826722220_n            The whole night was an enigma to me. I wasn’t really sure why they were celebrating the evening, so I looked up the whole reasoning behind the evening. Via, I found a synopsis of the legend surrounding the evening, “The Lord of Maiolo on the night of June 23, 1700, invited the elders and villagers to his palace to celebrate the wedding of the daughter Harmony, with toasts and dancing. Many brought gifts to the palace. The dance held an atmosphere of serene joy, when a young witch made ​​his way through the door and presented a gift to the bride. The gift was a dress, that was, unbeknownst to everyone, tainted by every vice.19999_10153480521799224_2612683342454812690_n The dance held joy, but after the dress was donned they became degenerates. Soon lewd behavior broke out. People began stripping their clothes and remained naked to until dawn. They did an unbridled dance Angelico, the dance opened the imagination of demons. The divine punishment was immediate. The top of castelllo was clouded by a storm horde and the mouth of the sky opened exposing water, thunder, lightning and thunderbolts. The entire scales landslide and collapsed into the bowels of the earth. Only two towers remain upright mutilated there on the Rock, as you can still see evidence of the destruction in the Montefeltro.”


All the Interns

Overall, a very interesting tradition to observe and very different than the traditions we have in America.

We had a day off on Sunday and we decided to climb the mountain, Maioletto.11406751_10207153642749412_7437607374990787005_o

It was an extraordinary view. It was quite the climb but worth every moment.



I’ve realized I have grown sick of pizza and pasta. I don’t know how Italians do it. Gelato, however, never grows old. As Americans, our Technical Crew (Set Designer, Props Intern, Myself and Fellow Costume Intern, Costume Shop Manager, Technical Director and Lighting Designer) all plan to celebrate the Fourth of July here, calling it ‘Fourth of Gelato’ and it shall also be an interesting experience.

Autumn Galka, Intern Abroad- Novafeltria, Italy

“Affogato di Nocciola” is not something really profound in Italian; it’s just Hazelnut Gelato with a shot of espresso Espresso poured over it, however, it is still profoundly delicious.


This summer I have the wonderful fortune to have an internship in Novafeltria, Italy. Novafeltria is on the Eastern side of Italy in the Province of Rimini. The internship position is with an American company, La Musica Lirica that comes to Novafeltria each year to put on three operas with students from the United States and Canada. This year, the operas are Madama Butterfly, L’Italiana in Algeri and Gianni Schicchi. Luckily for myself, everyone speaks English within the company! I am one of the two costume technician interns for the company.



My job requires me to fit, alter and stitch costumes as needed. We’ve only been here for five days and we’ve already made nine pairs of harem pants, the corresponding shirts and fit almost all 15 kimonos for Madama Butterfly. For said Kimonos, I’ve learned to tie an Obi, a harder task than it seems. There is also a local Italian intern working in the costume shop with us. Her name is Gloria and she’s an amazing sport at putting up with us asking her how to say various phrases in Italian.

Aside from the job, Italy is amazing, particularly the food. The pasta! The pasta alone deserves its own post! Gelato is quite incredible as well. I’m not entirely sold on the pizza, it’s quite thin compared to that made in America. Here they also eat pizza with a fork and knife. It’s a clear sign you are American if you pick up your pizza.

View From my Apartment

View From my Apartment

Overall, a successful few day in Italy and hopefully I’ll pick up some of the language; my fingers are crossed!

Alexis Jenofsky, Summer ACRE


Left, David Tanner… Right, ME! Alexis

Hi there!

I am super excited to be back and blogging! I am even more excited to share with you my new ACRE project.

This summer I have partnered up with David Tanner on a project entitled Marry Me: A CFA and Audience Engagement. This is Albright’s first ever Arts Administration ACRE… which is SUPER EXCITING.

Back in the summer of 2014, I completed my first ACRE “Drama Therapy: A Different way of Theatre” with Professor Julia Matthews, and Student Madeline Sedler. This was an ACRE that focused more on practice, and different theatre techniques to make theatre a therapeutic outlet. It was a lot of fun, and I took a lot away from it. My ACRE experience was so positive that I had thoughts about doing it again.

During one of my meetings with my advisor David Tanner, I brought up the idea of an Arts Administration project. Right away he was fully invested in the idea and wanted to make it happen. We set up meetings and just talked until we finally got a project topic that we were both interested in.

This was David’s first ever ACRE, so right from the beginning I walked us both through the proposal process. It was a lot of fun working with David on this process, because not only did I teach him a lot but he taught me a heck of a lot in one sitting!

We are now two weeks into our project, and have been reading A LOT!!!!! I cannot wait to share some of my readings with you all… but till then… you must wait! Muwahahaha!

Khadijah Dixon Internship at Philadephia Juvenile Probation

The new family court, which is where my office is.

The new family court, which is where my office is.

The desk that I work at.

The desk that I work at.

Me at my desk just taking a random picture.

Me at my desk just taking a random picture.

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.” A quote by Bo Jackson, an American athlete, gives insight to how I plan to achieve my many goals. I am happy to say that I achieved one of them by receiving an internship from the Philadelphia Juvenile Probation Office. I had always dreamed of receiving a government internship. When I received the position, I was ecstatic. Completing a government internship/job, in my opinion, has always given one an advantage because one can see firsthand how a certain sector of the city’s offices operate. In my case, I am able to see how the juvenile probation department operates. The sector that I work in does behavioral evaluation referrals. Although this work mainly takes place at my desk, I get to travel and meet probation officers in the different districts. Also I talk to people in the education department and as well as people in community behavioral health.

In order to get this internship, it did require a lot of preparation. Thanks to the staff at the Experiential Learning and Career Development Center, they helped make my dream a reality. Karen Rieker helped me with my resume and cover letter to make sure it was understandable for my supervisor. She helped me remain optimistic and always gave kind words. While working at the center thanks to all the training and projects that I was given, it is truly helping me with my internship, especially dealing with sensitive information. My internship is similar to my job because it is not only the teen’s personal information, but at times their parents as well. But working at the ELCDC has definitely prepared me for this milestone in my life.

Although I did not have a formal interview, when I first went there for my orientation I was very nervous because I had not been through metal detectors in a long time. Also while waiting, I was not sure what to expect. But after talking to my supervisor, Catherine, I felt better and was ready to begin to work in the new building. I filled out all the necessary paper work, agreed to a background check and by Friday I began my first day on May 29th.

Good Luck Students!


We’d like to take a moment to wish all of our students only the best as they face finals next week!  I know everyone is dreaming of being done classes, but make sure to put in the work, study hard, and finish the semester strong!

Victoria Sweeney, Internship – Fromm Electric

Blog Photo

Fromm Logo

As the semester comes down to an end, so does my internship at Fromm Electric. My final day was last Thursday and it was very bittersweet (as I am sure the next few weeks will be with graduation coming up!). I learned a lot through my experience at Fromm. With business being such a broad major there are many open doors to go through, and in my time there I have picked some doors to close and others to leave open. Although I have not yet decided where to go with my career, Fromm has helped me along the way.

In trying to answer the question, “What the experience what you expected?” I am not really sure exactly what I expected. I knew it was going to be an interesting experience in getting to know the entire company all around, but I didn’t think it was going to be exactly what it turned out to be in the end. I know that really isn’t detailed at all and doesn’t say much, but I feel like it was just something that one would have to experience to understand.

I think that everyone should do an internship because it helps you understand what you do and don’t like as a career or a company. Every company has a different atmosphere and that is a huge part of liking a job or not. You also get your foot in the door with the type of things that you would be doing on a daily basis in that type of role and you can distinguish if that is something you see yourself doing as a career or not. Sometimes at the end of an internship one might come out thinking that is not what they want to do later on in life, and that is as equally valuable as thinking that it is something they want to do. Every experience is a learning opportunity and I am glad I had my opportunity with Fromm Electric.

A Terrifc 21st Birthday set up in Scotland by my Chaps!

At my 21st birthday dinner where my friend bought me this rich chocolate Rose cake

Hey Everyone,

So this past Monday the 27th of April was my 21st birthday, and the chaps here in Edinburgh threw me a terrific day! The day began with my flatmate, Oscar Newlands from Cambridge, buying me and himself a ticket to Edinburgh Castle. I had planned on seeing it one of these days for a while now but those tickets are a bloody doozy! I’m so appreciative for him making this surprise for me because it was an awesome time at the castle: viewing the Scottish Crown Jewels, seeing where Sir Walter Scott had found them back in 1818, walking along the battlements and all those cannons, looking at the beautiful view of the city from the castle, and checking out all the regimental museums found in it! Most of the afternoon was spent with us delving deep into the dungeons of Edinburgh Castle and drowning ourselves in glorious history.

Me and my bud at Edinburgh Castle

In Mary Queen of Scot’s Chambers in Edinburgh Castle

Taking up position in the guard’s booth in Edinburgh Castle

Then we had to rush over to the flat to get dressed because all my mates, Damin Park, Benjamin Moody, Lukas Kvedas, Sebastian Hegardt, Oscar Newlands, Amir Botros, and Jamie McLaren treated me to a restaurant on the Royal Mile called “The Albanach bar.” It was this fancy pub with excellent food! I had to dress all my guys in my many blazers over here because they have already sent most of their own formal clothes home but they looked smart as hell! Then at dinner as a gift from my British family aka Oscar Newlands’ family, whom I had stayed with for 2 and a half weeks back during Christmas and New Years, they bought the table two bottles of exquisite Jacques Bardelot Champagne! Then my pal Ben surprised me at dinner with this wonderfully rich Chocolate Rose cake! The food, the champagne, the cake, the company, and the conversations were fantastic! Love those guys! 

My boys who threw one awesome 21st birthday for me

Champagne cheers at dinner

My gifts of Jacques Bardelot Champagne from the my british family aka Oscar Newlands family on my 21st Birthday!

The Lamb Shank I had for dinner

Then the last phase of my birthday was a big party in the Sciennes common room where all my friends from the uni came and partied for one last time together, a big thanks to all of them for coming even with all their exam prep! But it was an excellent night of pool, ping pong, foosball, FIFA, drinking card games, and then finally ending the day in the club called “Why Not”! With all the surprises, gifts, and good times they me feel so loved and happy! They really made it one rockin 21st birthday!

Cheers and thanks for reading, Alexio

Crazy end to a crazy birthday at the club Why Not in Edinburgh

But I’ve Only Had One Job! And Other Resume Worries

We encourage all of our students to have resumes, even as freshmen. This way, they are prepared for any networking opportunity, and can apply any time they see an internship or job they like. However, as students begin to compile the information they need for a resume, the deer in headlights look comes out: “but I worked last summer!” Or, “I work in the dining hall! That won’t help me!” A common misconception among students is that a resume only highlights relevant work experience. Indeed, as they get older and more involved in the professional world after graduation, more of their work experience will be listed. As a college student, there are many things they can incorporate, including working in the dining hall! As contributors for Jobipedia point out, there are a variety of things that can be included in a resume for someone looking for an internship or entry-level position. These can include community service activities, involvement in campus activities and organizations, and athletics. These experiences, in addition to summer jobs or on-campus employment, are all excellent opportunities to showcase your transferable skills, which will be useful in any capacity, in any field. Some examples of these skills include time management, event planning and implementation, leadership, and communication. To learn more about a resume without a lot of emphasis on work experience, read here:

With an Extra Side of Europe Part 1 (Week 11)

This week I start my spring break traveling to 8 different countries in Northern Europe. I waited for this trip for so long and now that it is finally here, it feels unreal. Well, I hope you all enjoy reading part one of my two-part journey!

Berlin, Germany

Our first destination on our global semester’s tour across Northern Europe was Berlin, Germany. As soon as we all arrived in Berlin we went on a city tour by bus/walking. Our tour guide was very nice and she managed to show and explain the entire city of Berlin in about 4 hours. When I first arrived in Berlin, I was so shocked at how the city looked( As I mentioned previously, I did not do any research on any of the places I was going to visit and based each place solely on what I saw in the media). Berlin was very modern, the architecture of all the buildings looked futuristic and the town was just beautiful. After our tour was over, we arrived at hotel Ibis to settle in and then we went on the hunt for authentic German food. When I tell you that it literally took us an hour to find authentic food, I am not kidding. Every restaurant served every other countries food but German food. During our search for food, we went to three different convenience stores and asked a few locals until we stumbled across a hole in wall German restaurant. This restaurant only served one German dish called Currywurst, but it was still delicious and with a beer it was even better.

The next day Joey and I decided to wake up bright and earlier to explore the city of Berlin on our own. We did not want to pay for public transportation; I did not feel like walking, so we decided to rent bicycles for the day! I did not ride a bicycle in three years so I was a little nervous, but after five minutes I got the hang of it againJ. The first place we stopped at was a little village market that sold an assortment of items like clothes, souvenirs, food, and art. We even saw a man draw 3D art on the ground which I thought was pretty awesome.


Then we biked to Museum Island which is literally a complex of five museums located on a small island in the Spree. Since it takes a day in itself to go to all five museums, we choose the Egyptian museum. This museum was filled with real tombs, sculptures, hieroglyphics and lots of history. They even had an area honoring Nefertiti; The royal wife of Akhenaten (We were not allowed to take pictures of this part). I really enjoyed this museum and I really wish I had more time to explore the four other museums.



(Joey and I)SAM_2362

(Ancient Egyptian Artifact)

We then trekked through the hundreds of people surrounding Museum Island and headed to the TV tower. We bought our tickets earlier in the day and had to wait 3 hours until we could go to the top. What’s really cool about this place is that when you get on the elevator to get to the top, it almost feels like you are traveling through time, especially when you look up through the glass ceiling. Once you reach the top, you can see the entire city of Berlin from a 360-degree view. You can also eat at the TV tower’s restaurant located 1 floor higher and there is a bar if you want a drink.


(TV Tower)SAM_2406(Joey and I )SAM_2401

(The view from the top of the TV Tower)

After taking in that awesome view of the tower, we biked to the Brandenburg Gate. The Brandenburg Gate was one of the dividing points between East and West Berlin and has been the focus of many key moments in German history. This area is filled with street performers, tourists, and cobblestone…lots of cobblestone.


(Joey and I)

Once you passed through the gate, you see a long straight road and a huge park that leads you directly to the tower. Joey and I took this opportunity to cruise on our bikes and just absorb the sites, the smells, the awesome people, and the fact that we are actually biking around Berlin! Climbing to the top of the victory tower gave us another great 360 degree of Berlin but this time you could see the city as well as the suburban area….oh and lots of trees!

SAM_2414(Victory Tower!)SAM_2418

(View from the top of Victory Tower)

As the end of the day was approaching, we realized that we were all the way across town, feeling half dead but that did not stop us from riding at full speed across town to get back to our hotel. We zoomed through the streets and even seen a live giraffe on the way…well, a life-sized Lego giraffe. We ended our night eating at this cool burger joint that’s under the train and I have to say I enjoyed the simplicity and grungy feeling it gave me when we ate there. I absolutely love Berlin and it is now one of my favorite cities in Europe.


(My pet Giraffe)

Berlin was also one of my favorite cities because it brought me closer to my good friend joey. Although we knew each other for about 3 months, we did not really know each other on a personal level. We took a long stroll through the streets of Berlin and just shared interesting stories about our lives. We have a lot more in common than I would have ever thought and I am glad we got to have that bro moment. You are the best dude! Also, shout out to your newly found shade throwing skills ahaha

Dresden, Germany

On our way to Prague, we made a brief excursion to Dresden for a few hours to explore. Dresden was bombed during World War II causing the whole town to have to be rebuilt. The majority of Dresden is fairly new making it a very picturesque place.



The guys and I also ate at an Australian restaurant called Ayers rock and ordered a large plate of ostrich, crocodile, and kangaroo….Yes, I ate all three of those animals and now there added to my exotic animal tastings list!


Prague, Czech Republic

When I arrived in Prague, I wasted no time in wanting to explore this city. I put my bags in my room, went to trip advisor, mapped out some places of interest and asked the front desk for recommendations on what to do first. We ended up exchanging money at the first exchange place (Study abroad tips #1 ALWAYS CHECK MULTIPLE EXCHANGE PLACES FOR THE BEST RATE!) we saw and headed straight for Old Town Square. The square was filled with lots of little shops, restaurants and a huge crowd of people. Of course as a tourist, my friends and I just jumped to the front of the crowd to see what was going on and then we looked up and seen the Astronomical Clock! We discovered that each hour, the clock chimes and a series of puppets come out to entertain the public (Now that explains the huge crowds). We then had a mini photo shoot in front of the clock and a few Czech kids grouped photobombed us…

DSC_0337(Joey, Miguel and the Czech Photobombers :D)DSC_0373(2)(Miguel and I)DSC_0414

(Prague Astronomical Clock)

We spotted a giant metronome across the river and ended up walking towards it (The location of the giant metronome had a great view of Prague!).


(Giant Metronome)

Walked across the most important point of interest in Prague; The Charles Bridge!


(Charles Bridge)

And then we ended our first night in Prague eating at the Hard Rock Café were we tried the Prague local burger.


(Prague Burger)

The next day we had a group tour all around Prague and she introduced us to the Prague subways. The escalators leading down to the subway was one of the craziest, strangest and funniest experiences I had with foreign transportation. It literally felt like gravity shifted when I went down and it is very steep.

We explored a few gardens…

SAM_2530(Global Semesters Group Photo!)

Went inside the St. Vitus Cathedral…


(St. Vitus Cathedral)

And saw the Prague Castle (Well at least from the outside).


We also got a taste of local fast food…


(Miguel, Sarah and I)

At the end of the tour we explored the town for the rest of the day, bought some souvenirs and enjoyed some live music at an Irish Pub! (Shout out to the performer for singing Iris by The Goo Goo dolls and classic Journey).


(Joey, Myself, Maria, Ashlee, Sarah and Katie)

So far Prague was one of my favorite cities and I enjoyed the fact that everything was within walking distance (Public Transportation adds up after a while).  I would definitely return here in the future!

Bratislava, Slovakia

I would have never imagined going to a country for 6 hours, but I did when I went to Slovakia. We spent the afternoon on a group/walking tour around Bratislava; the capital city of Slovakia. We drove through the Bratislava “Beverly Hills” and seen all the beautiful embassy’s right next to each other, each competing in architecture.

We also went to the Bratislava castle and got an awesome view of the city.

Then we went on a walking tour around the Bratislava old town where you can see many quirky statues like my good ole friend Cumil.


(Chilling with Cumil)

Oh and this cool guy giving joey his top hat!



What’s cool about Bratislava is that it is the only national capital that borders two independent countries, Austria, and Hungary. So you can easily drive to either in under a few hours!

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the capital city of Austria with the largest population of about 2.3 million people. Vienna has a huge city vibe with a historical twist giving you the best of both worlds. When we first arrived in Vienna, we jumped straight into a 3hr tour. We visited the Hundertwasser Haus created by Friedensreich Hundertwasser.


(Hundertwasser haus)

The artist made this area like this so all the grey and to make it livelier and a friendlier place for the public and the apartment owners.

We checked out the Hofburg palace aka my future home.



Saw the coolest mini bear dog!… and awed at the cutest baby all at the same time .


Then I discovered there is a cathedral named St. Stephan’s Cathedral! (Yes my family owned this cathedral for century’s lol and an entire square is named Stephansplatz (This means Stephan Square in German).
Yes I had to buy the street sign from the souvenir shop

DSC_0885(St. Stephan Cathedral)DSC_0887

(Stephan Square!)

Then we went to Mozart’s adult home!


Our day finished at the Schönbrunn Palace which was an unforgettable sight. This palace had so many acres of land, a hedge maze, a zoo, restaurants and an unlimited amount of places to sit to take it all in. I really enjoyed the Schönbrunn Palace and I would love to come back to Vienna again in the future. This place is defiantly on my list of places to move to when I get older.


Salzburg, Austria

Huge mountains, green grass, and fresh air are all the ways I can describe this small town. Salzburg is the perfect little getaway from the city that still provides a lot of things to do. We also had no tours for this city so we planned out our own adventure in this town. The first thing we did was visit the birthplace of Wolfgang Mozart (His home is now a museum). Everywhere in Salzburg you will see tributes honoring the world’s greatest musician. Mozart’s home covers his childhood all the way until his death and by the time you leave his home, you will have a thorough understanding of his life works.


(Mozart’s Birthplace)

We watched a life-sized game of chess in the square.


We enjoyed the view of the town from the top of the Fortress Hohensalzburg


Explored the catacombs…


Then we took a tram to the top of Untersburg Mountain and the view was awesome. In one direction, you can see the beautiful town of Salzburg and then you turn around and see the Swiss Alps! My friends and I had a snowball fight, I fell a few times, the snow got in places snow should not be in and I lost every ounce of energy I had when we finally reached the top. Literally, I was dragging myself to get to the top and I was sweating bullets, but it was totally worth it!

SAM_2855PicsArt_1428871975079 - Copy

By the end of the day, the bros and I took one last walk through Salzburg and discovered a very odd park behind Mozart University. You already know our inner kid came out and played on everything!


My spring break is halfway over and so far it has been the best spring break I had in my entire life! My life is really great right now.


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