Take Your Time!

“People forget how fast you did a job- but they will remember how well you did it.” (Howard Newon)

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the job search and feel like “if I do everything all at once now, I’ll get results faster.” This isn’t necessarily true.

When looking through the want ads or searching for jobs online, take the time to do research. What is the company like? How many people work there? What services do they provide? What’s their financial status like, currently and predicted? There’s no point in applying to a job when you know you won’t like it if you get it.

If you decide you do want to apply to a job, remember to take your time when working on your resume and cover letter. ALWAYS double check and make sure you changed everything to acknowledge the company you are applying for, and not the company you just applied to. If the employer or HR manager sees it’s the name of the wrong company, your resume is automatically going into the trashcan. What changes can you make to highlight the skills you have that directly relate to the job posting? Are there classes you took or academic projects you completed? What are some job duties that don’t relate but can be replaced with other actions? Resumes and cover letters are fluid documents and will change with every application you complete. And of course, don’t send it off without double checking your spelling and grammar.

When you’re interviewing, again, you want to remember to take your time. Give yourself plenty of time to get there, and be 5-10 minutes early. Take a deep breath before you walk into the interviewing room so you feel more collected. After the interviewer asks you a question, take a deep breath and give yourself a moment to collect your thoughts. Then you won’t feel like your reaching for an answer or blabbing on about something unrelated.

And finally, when you get that magical phone call offering you the job, ask them for 24 hours to make your decision. If it’s a Friday, ask for the weekend and call them first thing Monday morning. This will give you time to figure out finances, talk with your family or significant other, and determine if this truly is the job you want to take. Moreover, saying yes and taking it right away may make you look impulsive or desperate. Any employer making you an offer should be accomodating because they know it is a big decision.

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