Why being a server or cashier is important

Many times I’ll meet with students who have summer jobs. They make pizzas, they answer phones, they bag groceries. When I ask them to tell me what they do, they look at me like I have three heads. “Like, seriously, all I do is bag groceries. Nothing special.”

Actually, dear student, yes it is!

The summre job back home, or the job on campus to make some extra cash, is very beneficial. It gives you something we call transferable skills. These are skills that are applicable to every single job you do. They may seem very basic, no brainers, or even unessential to discuss. But, it’s always good for an employer to know, right off the bat, that you have experience and utilize these skills.

Now, say you’re a cashier. What skills can you get with that? Attention to detail, accuracy, customer service, the ability to problem solve, ability to think quickly on your feet, comfortable with a flexible schedule, and a willingness to work with the team by covering shifts or staying late.

Or maybe you work in the dining hall on campus. You show up for work on time. You are able to follow directions. You comply with food and safety standards. You work well with your peers. You report problems when you see them. You greet everyone in a friendly manner.

How many of you, if you were an employer, would want an employee that has all of those skills? I know I would! So never doubt the fact that you’re a babysitter, or do house repairs, or caddy at a golf course. You’ll be able to exhibit skills that are essential to your position, no matter what field you go into!

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