What Are Your Strengths? Part 1

All too often in this day and age we focus on our flaws- I should be more like this, and I need to improve that. A refreshing opportunity for everyone is to take the StrengthsFinder. It focuses on your strengths, obviously, and this allows you to see where you excel. You’ll realize more about yourself and your skills and see how you interact with others. You can buy the book, StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath, and it includes a code to take the assessment online. Answer questions about yourself and in about 30 minutes you’ll know exactly what you can flaunt!

The StrengthsFinder will select 5 out of 34 Strengths for you. Over the next few days, we’ll briefly go over the strengths. Have you taked the StrengthsFinder? What were your results? If you haven’t taken it yet, what do you think your strengths are?

1. Achiever: You are driven, every day, to succeed. You may even keep “points” for yourself so you know how much you’ve accomplished that day. While very driven and tenacious, it may be hard for your to “turn off” on vacation or at night.

2. Activator: You like to get the ball rolling. You know nothing can happen without some action. You not only learn from the end result, but throughout the whole process. But be careful, others may see you as just impatient or unwilling to think things through.

3. Adaptability: Life is a journey, and you go from choice to choice. You are flexible and understand that plans change. You expect curves and detours in the road of life. However, you also need to make sure that others don’t take advantage of your flexibility.

4. Analytical: You need proof! You want objective data! You want logic and patterns and connections! You need to know cause and effect relationships and how outcomes may affect the situation at hand. Although you just want concrete information and ideas, others may see your constant questioning as unrelenting and sharp.

5. Arranger: When a process needs put together or plans need firmed up, you’re the go-to person. You value efficiency and flexibility. In your mind, there may always be another way to get things done! But again, don’t let others dump everything on you because you can handle it.

6. Belief: You have a core set of values, and you stick with them and use them every day. You enjoy the meaning they give to your life, and gives you an inner compass of where to go and what to do. In order to have this in all aspects of your life, though, you need to do your research when finding a career and place to work so you know it meshes well with your beliefs.

7: Command: As the name suggests, you love to take change. You want to share your opinion and when you set a goal, you want others to reach it with you. You encourage others to tell the truth, and you don’t want to sugar-coat the realities of life. While some may willingingly let you be in charge, others may resent your constant sharing of your opinions.

8: Communication: If it involves speaking or writing, it’s right up your alley. You enjoy providing explanations and can turn things into stories. You want all eyes on you as your share your information, but at the same time, you can’t share too much to prevent overload. Although most will appreciate your desire to be succinct, others will feel there is no need for story time.

9. Competition: The world is your Olympics. You are focused on performance- of yourself and others. You make every effort to never be a sore loser, but nothing can beat that rush from being the best. Although this strength helps you achieve more, don’t shy away from opportunities where you think you won’t win.

10. Connectedness: You live by the phrase “everything happens for a reason.” Individuals are supposed to meet for a reason, places exist for a reason, and situations occur for a reason. You believe in the best of humanity, and instinctively make an effort to provide support and build bridges for others. Others may think you’re naive for seeing the best in everything, but you still ecourage caring and accepting of others.

11. Consistency: You like things to be fair, regardless of the situation and the people involved. You fear the scale tipping in someone’s favor because they pulled strings to get ahead. Although some may see you as being uncaring toward others, you firmly believe that people will succeed when everyone has a level playing field.

12.Context: You look back to gain knowledge for the future. What happened then, and what can you take away, that will impact what happens next. You want to get to know people, and know where they are coming from, so you can predict how they will behave in the future and be prepared for it. A drawback is that it will take you a while to adapt to a completely new situation, but you can always learn from your own past.

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