What Are Your Strengths? Part 2

On Wednesday, we started discussing the 34 areas for Strength. When you take the StrengthsFinder, you are in a group of 5 out of those 36. Do you think it’s nice to see your strengths and where you do well as opposed to always seeing where you are lacking? It’s like that saying goes: if you got it, flaunt it! But let’s get back to those categories, shall we?

13. Deliberative: You always have your guard up, because the world can be risky and unpredictable. However, you plan for risks and analyze them to see their impact. This makes it easy for you to plan for the worst, but others may see you as very negative or stoic.

14. Developer: You can always see the potential in others, even when they don’t! You enjoy challenging others so that they can learn from it and become more successful. Others are drawn to you so they can grow, but be sure you don’t push them too hard.

15. Discipline: Your life is planned and predictable, and you like it that way. You need to have schedules and a routine to perform best- otherwise, you feel lost. Others may see your behaviors as over-controlling. You need that sense of control in a chaotic world.

16. Empathy: You can tell what others are feeling because you feel it to. This does not mean you feel sorry for or agree with their situations, but you can answer the questions they are afraid to ask or provide just the right word when they can’t find it. Be careful not to get drawn in to their stories, but know that your strength is a great source of encouragement.

17. Focus: You like to know where you are going. Without a plan, you can get frustrated, so be sure you set goals, and lots of them! You keep everyone on track, however, others may resent not being able to see other options.

18. Futuristic: While the Context people look back, you look forward. You want to know the future and better yourself and the world around you to be prepared for it. You bring hope to others with your excitement for what may come. Just don’t let yourself get too hung up on present day conflicts.

19. Harmony: There is nothing you hate more than conflict. You actively work to find middle ground and a sense of commonality between others, because arguments only waste time. You are practical and flexible and willing to see the side of others, but don’t let them take over your core values.

20. Ideation: You love concepts, connections, new perspectives, and challenges. You live for that jolt when a great idea comes to you. While others may see you as creative and able to think outside the box, you just like to find new answers.

21. Includer: You want everyone to feel like they fit in. You hate the feeling that someone doesn’t feel like part of the group. You don’t like to pass judgments on others because it could hurt their feelings. Although everyone appreciates the equality and warmth you share, be sure you aren’t setting yourself up to be taken advantage of.

22. Individualization: You like seeing what is unique about other people and knowing what makes them tick. You refuse to make generalizations. By getting to know other people, you can tailor your interactions to meet their needs and personality. Just don’t bombard them with questions to get to know them right off the bat-other types may not respond as well.

23. Input: You like to collect, well, anything. Baseball cards, photographs, stamps- it all leads to a mental collection of new information. Trvia fascinates you. You think everything is important to remember, even if you never know when you might need it. Others may see your hunt for new “things” as silly, because why waste time if you’ll never need that information, but others will go to you to learn more about their things, too.

24. Intellection: Thinking is fun for you. Rather than working out your biceps, you’d rather work out your brain. What you think about may change constantly, but you enjoy processing new information and reflecting on it. While others may see you as a loner or unwilling to join with others, you prefer your time alone to collect all of you thoughts.

What do you think? Do any of these Strengths sound like you?

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