What are Your Strengths? Part 3

Today we are going to wrap up the different areas of Strength you may have. After reading through the final 10, go back and review them all. If you had to pick, what are the 5 Strengths you believe you have? What would others say you have? How can you use these Strengths?

25. Learner: Much like the Intellection or Input, you love learning new things. However, for you, the enjoyment comes from the process of learning and practicing and perfecting. It wouldn’t surprise you if you decided to take up tap dancing when you were 50! Not everyone will admire this quality and will try to tell you you’re “too old” to learn new things. Ignore it! Do what thrills you!

26. Maximizer: You strive for excellence. Not only in yourself, but in others. You want to bring out the areas where other excel, and work with them until everyone can see their strengths and achievements. It bothers you when people try to change you or point out areas where your struggle, because you only focus on where you do well.

27. Positivity: People love being around you because you make the world a little brighter. You are quick to smile, encourage, and point out the good news. Cynical people may think you’re being silly, but for you the glass truly is half full- and then some!

28. Relator: You don’t mind meeting new people, but to really feel comfortable you stay near your close friends. You don’t mind getting to know others, but you have to wait until you feel comfortable opening that door. Others may try to get too close, too fast, but you want every relationship to be genuine, and you know it’ll take time to do that.

29. Responsibility: If you start something, you feel compelled to complete it. And if you can’t complete it, you are driven to find ways to make up for it and then some. You don’t take excuses, and others automatically know you are dependable. Know that people will come to you for help, but beware of volunteering too much time.

30. Restorative: You love resolving things. You can look at a problem, find where it went wrong, know how to fit it, and explain ways to prevent it from happening again. You get a thrill from that sense of revival- you brought something back to running smoothly again. Just be sure not to drive yourself crazy over trying to resolve things you cannot.

31. Self-Assurance: You have faith in your strengths, you have self-confidence, and you trust what you decide. Others may tell you what to think, but you simply use them as a guide and then listen to your own voice. And moreover, you are not frightened by the fact that you know you have authority over your own life.

32. Significance: You want to be important and recognized by others. In order to be successful and the expert, you only hang out with others who are successful and experts. Others may see you are trying to be bigger than you are, but really, all you want to achieve goals and inspire others.

33. Strategic: You have an innate skill, and that is for finding the most efficient way to complete something. You pay attention to patterns and ask “what if” to enable yourself to be ready for similarities in the future. Others may tell you to try new things, but you aim to avoid paths that will lead you nowhere.

34. Woo: You want to “Win Others Over” whenever and wherever you can. Meeting new people in not scary for you, in fact, you find it rather fun! You like striking up a conversation because you are never at a loss for words. Others who do not have Woo may see you as gregarious and to willing to put yourself out there. In your mind, everyone is a friend you just haven’t been introduced to yet!

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