Christina Daniels, Corporate Intern for Store Operations at American Eagle Outfitters



So a few weeks ago I got an email.  It was from one of my former Aerie managers who had moved up to corporate offices with American Eagle.  I have LOVED working at Aerie, a branch store of American Eagle. It has taught me so much I wouldn’t even know where to begin!  Since I have loved working there so much and love their company aesthetic, I have always wanted to pursue and internship with them.  When I looked into it, I saw how great of a program it was and wanted it even more.  They provide housing, a mentor and not to mention it is PAID! So I applied for the internship and unfortunately didn’t get it.  So back to the email.  Madison (my former Aerie manager) had emailed me asking for my resume and links to my blogs with CollegeFashionista and Albright College.  I had no idea what it was for so I didn’t think much of it.  I sent her my information and asked what she needed it for, if she wanted a cover letter or anything else along with it.  She replies and says “Yea that would be great!  There is an opening for an internship position I thought would be perfect for you!  I’m pitching you to the communications team RIGHT NOW!” (Insert cry of joy here)  So as you can imagine, I was freaking out.  I didn’t have an updated cover letter OR resume so was rushing to get them to her.  I had my mom on the phone with me, who is always amazing with professional relations since a big part of her job is hiring new employees.  I was freaking out, rushing to send her my resume as Madison is simultaneously texting me “Soooo not to rush you, but I need that stuff like now….”.  But I had to get everything perfect! And then I had to get my resume back down to a page….it was a mess.  But I got everything in to her and about an hour later, I got a call from HR…..they wanted to do a skype interview! (Insert another high pitched scream here)  I am literally dancing around my store while I am on the phone with them.  I am not kidding.  

The following day our skype interview is almost here.  Then I run into yet another issue.  I forgot a few weeks earlier, my speakers had broken on my computer, which is sort of essential in order to skype with someone.  I had a semi-panic attack 2 minutes before my interview was scheduled.  But I was able to borrow one of my roomate’s laptop, download skype and set it up all in time!  The interview was focused alot on my experiences at Aerie and what the communications team does in terms of trickling down the line from corporate to stores.  I wasn’t sure how it went, so I talked to Madison after.  She seemed to think it went well from what I told her.  2 hours later, I got the job. Let me repeat, I GOT THE JOB!  I could not have been more excited.  I immediately called Madison and she was SO HAPPY for me! SHe told me she had spoke with my interviewers and they said I was the best interview they have had in a long time!  It was the best, most rewarding compliment EVER!!!!


So as I have turned that into the longest story ever, I am sure you can tell my excitement.  I will be working a full 40 hour week from 9-5 Monday through Friday.  I start on June 3 and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!  I’ll keep you updated!!!

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