Christina Daniels Corporate Intern for Store Operations at American Eagle Outfitters



I am in week 6 now at my internship and boy has it flown by!!!  I had 2 self evaluations in that time where I get feedback from my mentor and both went so well!!  I was really excited.  I am surprised by how often I have been using the InDesign program in the office.  I have had so many classes working in depth with the program so I am so thankful now!!! I have actually come to really like working with it.  I have done a bunch of document that usually my mentor Nathan types up and then I transfer them into InDesign and make them more visually appealing.  


My former Aerie boss was also developing a new bra training program for stores so that training was more detailed and standardized among the company.  So I have been helping alot with that as well since I was an associate.  We did a test group that was made up of associates, store managers and district managers to “test” the program out on and get their feedback and they loved it!!! Madison has been working on it for 3 months and the training books have finally gone to print and will be shipped to stores in a few days!!!  It has been really exciting to be involved in such a big project that will have a large impact on the company.  I’ve come to understand how even if I am doing simple menial tasks, in the larger picture it actually makes a big difference.  There was a store visit document I helped create that will be seen by every  manager (and there are roughly 900 stores) so by about 2700 people.  So I ALWAYS double check for spelling errors!!!


There have been about 3 new additions to the department so I have been able to piggyback onto some of their training to further my own as well which has been really beneficial.  The Store Operations department is SUPER confusing.  They use so many different programs to communicate to stores and over so many different technologies.  They do voicemails, iPads and their computer systems just for stores.  And HOW they get all their information from other department and then there is “effective” dates and “release” dates and not to mention all the terminology! Luckily I have been able to follow most conversations from knowing the store lingo and have asked as questions about vocal have come up in meetings and such.

Some cool things I have been able to be included in is the AE TV program.  I was able to be in a training video!! It was so much fun!  I have also helped story produce and style other training and style videos which has been amazing.  I was able to go on a floorset walkthrough which is basically when the visual team presents the store layout for a season and it is the last time they can make any changes.  I’ve also gotten a bunch a free clothes which hasn’t exactly hurt either!!  Well I don’t want to overload you with information so stop back later this week for some more detail on my projects!!!

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