Christina Daniels Corporate Intern for Store Operations at American Eagle




So I have finally uploaded some photos for you!! Although there is a lot I can’t show you, here is some fun stuff that I can.



Here is a photo from the production set.  This is where they film most of the training videos for associates that work in the store.  Here we were filming for a training video for Aerie stores for a new bra launch.









This was my our (my roomates and I) first trip to the famous Primanti’s in Pittsburgh.  This is the original location!  Their famous sandwhich has EVERYTHING on it. If you get the “Pittsburger” it includes steak, cheese, coleslaw and fries and is about the size of your head. The challenge is actually getting it into your mouth….







Here are some of the women I work with at the shoot for MY Aerie video.  On the left is my former manager Madison who works in the same department as me.  She is in charge of all the Aerie training videos so she helped me fufill my lifelong dream and put me in the script.  Abby is on the right and she is in charge of styling for the videos and various other odd jobs.



 Here is a photo from set.  We had to shoot my portion of the video in the actual Aerie store a block from the office.  So we had to be in at 7 before the store opened.  Here val is fixing my makeup during a short break. It was alot of fun!  I had a teleprompter for my lines so that made it alot easier!


Now for some real talk.  I highly recommend (if you haven’t already) getting any and all internships that you can get your hand on.  This being my third internship, I have learned completely different things from all of them.  But American Eagle definitely has been my favorite.  Not just because it is a 4 billion dollar company and looks great on my resume, but because of all that I have been able to learn from it from those in the department.  I have been able to sit in on high level meetings, attended District Managers conference, and work on projects that people in my department have also worked on, not just “an intern project”.  As I’ve said before, they place a high level of importance on the interns, and while that can range in different departments here, those I work with truly treat me as an equal.  Which has been great for my benefit because I have been able to see and learn so many things because of that.

Now as far as classes go, some may seem pointless and daunting now (accounting), but when you enter the real world, you see yourself utilizing them whether you like it or not.  My InDesign class I thought was cruel torture when I first began.  I slowly started to enjoy the work as my knowledge base improved and when my mentor realized my skill with the program, he began seeking me out for any InDesign work he had.  Or take accounting.  That class was the death of me.  I couldn’t understand it, didn’t get it and flat out hated it, but I see the terminology used as we go to classes and when we visited the distribution center where they mentioned they are a FIFO company and as cliché as it may be, it felt really good knowing what they were talking about!  So far my knowledge used has mostly come from my InDesign classes, computer classes (from back in the day, as I work a lot in Excel), English, Visual Literacy (as I’ve had to do alot of document layouts in InDesign), my styling class (that I took while in London) and working in Aerie was a HUGE help.  At first I took the job just to get into the field, but I don’t know where I would be without it now! I wouldn’t know alot of the terminology, standard operating procedure, the POS system……I WOULD BE LOST!!!!  Never in a million years would I think that retail (or school) could teach me so much………

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