Transitioning? There are Wise Words for that!

Well, the semester is back in full swing! As everyone transitions- new school, new classes, new internship, new job, or maybe even just a new season, it can be difficult to stay motivated.  A key aspect of becoming and staying motivated is your attitude.  Careerealism has some great tips on improving your attitude in order to stay motivated.  You can read more at .

  1. Discuss, don’t complain.  It’s easy to complain about the people in your group for a class project, or your new co-worker, or even just the fact that you no longer have summer flexibility. By keeping a positive attitude and finding solutions, you stay more open to new things and get out of a slump.
  2. Listen to comprehend.  Don’t start off on the wrong foot by shutting down whatever anyone else says. Be open to their ideas, and then refer back to tip 1.
  3. Speak with understanding. Negative words can cause disruptions among roommates, classmates, and co-workers.  That isn’t a healthy environment, and hurtful words can eat at you.  Combine all this and you lose your motivation because you’re too distracted.
  4. Help, don’t hide.  The old adage is “you get what you give.” By pitching in and helping others, you feel better about yourself and the work you do.  This is quite possibly the best motivation in the world!

So what do you think? What other sources of motivation do you have?

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