Dan McGurl – Legislative Fellowship Program

Moved In and Ready to Go!

Well after weeks of searching Craigslist, talking to landlords, signing leases and hounding professors for my school paperwork; I am finally here, in my apartment and ready to go. While my formal internship doesn’t start until Monday (can you tell I’m ready?) I have been telecommuting classes back at Albright for the last three weeks. I am anxious to meet my new coworkers and other interns but mostly I am excited to get of my couch and have something to fill my time. While having an extended summer has been great I am ready to return to the real world and be productive.  While I’m not quite sure what exactly I will be doing for the next 13 weeks I do know that I will be working out of the office of Representative Rosita Youngblood from Philadelphia and I will be assisting the Gaming Oversight Committee which handles legislation on gambling and small games, so it should be pretty interesting. Last night I walked around Harrisburg for a few hours trying to get a lay of the land and I like it a lot, it’s a cool place with a lot to do and a surprisingly vibrant outdoor community.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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