Victoria Sweeney, Reutlingen, Germany


Germany has been absolutely amazing these past five weeks. Today I finished my three week intensive German language course which went really well. My semester courses start on Tuesday and I will be taking 5 classes while I am here.

Since my last post, I have visited four major cities in Germany, Konstanz, Meersberg, Heidelberg, and Tübingen. When in Konstanz, I took a ferry on Lake Constance into Meersberg. Lake Constance supplies a lot of freshwater to parts of Germany, including Reutlingen where I am living. Meersberg is one of the prettiest cities that I have ever visited. From Meersberg you can look out over Lake Constance and see Switzerland and the Swiss Alps, it is absolutely breath taking. Last weekend I went to Heidelberg, which is known for it’s castle. The picture above is taken from the castle, which overlooks the city. The picture below is from the Heidelberg Bridge where you have a perfect view of the castle above you. 



I recently visited Tübingen, one of the oldest cities in Germany and the buildings are still in beautiful condition. One of the “must do’s” when in Tübingen is to ride in a Punting Boat and lucky me, I actually got to steer one of the boats! There is a punting boat in the picture below. In order to move the boat, you use a long pole, about 6 meters long, and push the pole along the bottom of the river…it is a lot harder than it seems!



This coming week I am going to a concentration camp memorial site which is going to be a very informative and emotional experience. It will be a trip that will probably impact my life in a way that I can’t imagine right now, but I am absolutely thrilled about it. 

More to come soon!

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  • teamfur  On September 27, 2013 at 10:34 pm

    Tori, I’m so glad you love Heidelberg. I lived there as a child, and some of my earliest memories are of the Schloß and die alte Brücke.

    Keep inhaling everything around you!

  • kim  On October 1, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    How amazing that you’ve already been able to travel so much! I always look forward to your posts.

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