Darleny- French Riviera



It has been exactly 4 weeks today that I’ve been here. Exploring the many dimensions of the French Riviera. Nice, Monaco, Cannes, the Alps I’ve seen it all. It is almost crazy how quickly I’ve adapted myself to this new culture. I wake up go to my local cafe, do some homework, have lunch, go to class, have dinner and do it all over again. On weekends, the night doesn’t start until 11 PM. It gives you plenty of time to take nap. I try to take pictures of everything and anything, but I won’t lie at times I don’t bring my camera around as much as I should. At the same time I don’t want my picture taking to get in the way of not looking through  a lens to enjoy the beauty right in from of me. I look forward to seeing more. 


I came here with the mentality of going everywhere. Having a 5 day weekend makes this very possible and obtainable. But then I realize. I am already in paradise, do I really want to spend every weekend going somewhere and not enjoying what is right in front of me? After all, I am where movie stars go to vacation. So of course, I will go to Italy, Paris and London, but maybe I should save Spain and Morocco for another trip. Four months is just not enough time to appreciate everything and see it all. I also have to be conscious that I am taking 5 courses and once back in the States I hope to graduate so I don’t really have much ‘wiggle’ room. 


I won’t lie. The school work here is not as much or as difficult as at Albright. It is much lighter. The structure is different as well, or the lack of should I say. I take 5 courses. Each course is thought once a week and it is 3 hours long. So on Tuesday I would take 2 classes from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM. Wednesday I take 3 classes from 8:30 AM until 7 PM! Crazy right? Well from 11:30 until 1:00 everyone has lunch so its not as bad. But it is exhausting. But hey, everyone’s Wednesday is my Friday. Most French students take 7 courses a semester. They always tell me International Students have it easy. I will try to write more than I’ve fallen into a routine. Mondays seem to be best since everyone is at school. 


Au revoir mes amis! Enjoy the photos! 


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  • kim  On October 1, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    Wow, beautiful photos Darleny!

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