Dan- Harrisburg


I know I’ve been awfully quiet on here recently, not to worry though because I’m back. The last two weeks have been so incredibly busy for me, I don’t even know where to start. Between working full time, being a half time student, living on my own and meeting new friends, I feel like my entire day is super packed and exciting. The work side of my life has been a lot more enjoyable then I could have expected. Being placed in the Gaming Oversight Committee has forced me to learn about a whole section of governance that I knew nothing about before I started, and now I’m having meetings with trade groups and the press and somehow I look like the expert. Along with this, my office has tasked me with a full side project for me to complete, which involves me writing legislation with the intention of it getting passed through the House of Representatives this session, while I can’t really disclose what I’m working on, I know that my legislation will have positive impact on people’s lives if it gets passed. I also get to work on a lot of the every day work associated with being in a political office, these include responding to constituents concerns and working with other offices on side work for bills. On top of all of this my program also sends me to some great lectures and events during the day, typically we will meet between 2-3 times a week to speak with different staff members about the in’s and out’s of state government, or like last week we will do something completely different and go to the roof of the Capitol Dome which is very off limits to the public. All in all I’m having a great experience, I just wish I wasn’t so tired all the time.


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