The Email That Goes From Bad To Worse!

The Email That Goes From Bad To Worse!

Our friends at Vault send us great articles every week.  However, when I read this particular case, my jaw hit the floor!  How could an email like this possibly be?  I share this with you, not to shame or ridicule the original writer, but to share some pointers regarding what not to email a potential employer.

 Email is meant to be short and concise.  This is particularly true when you’re following up with potential employers.  Therefore, it’s imperative to make sure your follow-up email to an employer is focused and sent with a formal tone.  If you want the employer to remember you, reference something that you discussed, such as “I was the student who had internship experience with Ernst and Young” or “We talked at length about being a Resident Assistant.”  Never share other interview opportunities, as it may shut you out of any potential openings that the employer would have otherwise shared with you.  As much as possible, refrain from personal needs and anecdotes and focus on career/professional needs.  For example, you can share a personal trait if it pertains to the opportunity: “Having raised goats since I was 3 will be great preparation to work with your veterinary clinic!”  Finally, never use emoticons or abbreviations such as LOL, JK, or YOLO, during your search.  It’s just not professional.

 Vault lists many more things to keep in mind as you write your follow-up email to an employer.  What other things do you think are unprofessional in the email? Do you have any suggestions that we didn’t list?

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