Graduated, but Still Connected

Graduated, but Still Connected

We’re at a pivotal moment on our campus.  Our winter graduates just walked across the stage, and our spring graduates are getting ready with excited anticipation.  For many students, the job search is in full force.  We are frequently asked “where can I look for a job?” without realizing that they can build from what they already have! Students are typically a very connected population- thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like, they’re able to make connections all around the world. Just because they are holding their diploma doesn’t mean they have to give up their profiles.  In fact, students are encouraged to build from those profiles and make those connections more professional.

 Careerealism has provided a great article regarding social media after graduation.  Yes, it is possible to use your social media accounts to your advantage! They give much greater detail in their post, but I wanted to give a brief summary to you to get you started.  They break down social media networking into six steps:

  1. Create an online portfolio- this allows employers to see your accomplishments all in one place
  2. Create a blog- you can share your opinions, writing skills, and critical thinking skills, however, it’s especially encouraged to focus the blog subject on your field of study.  This will show how knowledgeable you are!
  3. Join LinkedIn- you can find so many professionals through LinkedIn, and easily be introduced to professionals you don’t know.  You can also follow specific companies to stay up to date on their information
  4. Keep your accounts professional- keep an eye on what pictures you are tagged in, and make sure anything you post is PG-13 (at most!)
  5. Be social on social networks- don’t feel that you can’t post anything at all.  Join in conversations, especially those related to your field or businesses in which you are interested.
  6. Go offline- if you make a connection with a professional, find a way to talk with them more.  Try to set up an informational meeting either in person or over the phone to see what advice they have for you.

 Just because you graduated, you don’t have to go completely off the radar.  Think outside the box on how you can use your social media to work for you!

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