2014: The Year for Internships

2014: The Year for Internships

The spring semester has kicked off on our campus, and we’ve already seen many students interested in completing an internship during 2014. We also have students interning in a variety of fields already this semester. Even better, we’ve had contact from new employers, interested in talking with our students about internship opportunities.

According to poll results from internships.com, there’s a huge growth in interest for internships in 2014- both from students and employers. As you can see from the infographic, internships are mutually beneficial. Larger companies use internships to find potential full-time employees, and smaller companies look forward to having interns help them complete projects that may not be done without their help. Students look to their internships to gain work experience, apply skills from the classroom, and expand their network. The link will take you to an article which gives other wonderful statistics and information, but there is one other important thing to consider: 84% of employers say having an intern with their company was a positive experience, while 87% of student interns say that their experience was positive. What are you waiting for? Find an internship and have a positive experience, too!

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