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So news on my life… my own blog is up and running!  Follow me on: !! It’s super awesome.  I am doing the blog as part of my Senior Seminar class in the Merchandising track.  We basically had to come up with our own project for ourself including grading rubric and project proposal.  I liked the idea of an outfit inspiration blog but wanted mine to stand out among others so my twist is thrift stores.  I will be posting twice a week, once with an item I picked out from a thrift store, and for the other post a friend or family member will pick an item out for me.  For the item my friends and family pick out, I can alter and tweak it in any way.  So far I’m having a lot of fun with it and I have wanted to start a blog for a while so this was the perfect excuse.  I am also conducting some market research on reader preferences in order to create an “How To Start Up A Blog” publication along with my blog to hand in. I have another senior, Stephanie Reyes, doing photography for my blog and editing them for me and she has done such an amazing job. I am really happy for how they came out considering I didn’t want to be a model to begin with.  I feel narcissistic, even though I totally don’t think that about fashion bloggers.

I just recently sent my resume out to one of my contacts at American Eagle as my name came up in a department expansion meeting.  I had a few visits with the ELCDC to tweak and perfect my resume, and then sent it out to my contact, Madison who took a lot of the fluff out of it.  I went to send out my resume and cover letter and 1. I didn’t know what to put in the body and 2. didn’t even know what to put as my subject header.  It was sad to say the least.  Madison and my mom helped me put something together (I would be nowhere without them) but it went something like :

Subject: Christina Daniels’ Resume

Hi Julie,

As you might remember, I am graduating in May and starting to look for career opportunities after college. My major in Fashion Design & Merchandising has continued to nourish my passion for the fashion aspect of retail, and my time in the Operations Department this summer allowed me to realize how the inner-workings of stores, processes, and store leadership make it possible for a retailer to be successful in the fashion industry.  As a result of my internship, I would like to further my career in this area. Attached to this e-mail, you will find my resume for your consideration. Let me know if there is a different person I should forward this onto or if you have any questions.


Thank You,

Christina Daniels


Also super excited to tweak my interview skill on March 3 at the Geiser House!  It will be so valuable as you will almost never receive feedback on your interview skills when you are in the running for a job!!

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