Interview Time? Better Be Prepared!

Interview Time? Better Be Prepared!

This week, our office is running an event called Interview Palooza.  This is an opportunity for students to prepare for the job or internship search by doing a mock interview with a member of the career services team.  Students are required to submit a resume and job posting and must come to the appointment dressed professionally.  Many of the students who participate in this event have never done a formal interview before, and they leave feeling more confident about upcoming interviews because of one simple thing- they feel more prepared.  In a perfect world, everyone would have an opportunity to have a mock interview before their first professional interview, but unfortunately, timing doesn’t always allow for that.  So, here are some tips thanks to our friends at Careerealism, that can help ease your nerves.

 Research – It shows your knowledge and helps you feel that you’ve already established a connection
1. Research the company

2. Research the interviewer and the hiring manager

Look good – Who doesn’t get a confidence boost when they look in the mirror and know they can rock professional wear?

3. Dress one level up from the interviewer

4. Make a memorable appearance

5. Don’t overdo the cologne or perfume

Don’t forget the little things – because they really do add up in the eyes of an interviewer

6. Ditch the gum

7. Ditch the cell phone

8. Practice smiling

9. Have a proper handshake ready

Know the basics, and have questions ready for them – The ultimate sign of preparation!

10. Google “interview questions and answers” or use our handy Interview Guide (link below) to get a feeling for what they may ask you.  Be prepared to answer with examples and the ability to demonstrate how you’ll be a stellar employee.  Then, have questions ready to ask them. This will show you’re truly interested in them and want to learn as much as you possibly can.

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