A little bit about my (ALEXIS) ACRE process.

Hi everyone!

It has been a crazy few weeks for me. I have been busy working on a presentation to present at the ACRE luncheon to show the other participants the things I have been working on. I never realized how stressful putting together a small power point show could be, especially when you have loads and loads of information.  

So for those of you who do not know already my project is titled Drama Therapy: A Different Way of Theatre. I do like to remind people that I am not a therapist, I am just learning about the techniques and styles. Since I am doing this project with another student we both choose to take different paths. My path focuses more on two different techniques, Playback Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed. My main research goal is to compare the two, and in the end create a technique that weaves them both together.

Most of the time you will find me researching in the library. I found the library to be a safe place to research because it is quiet, and really screams peaceful environment. Recently I have been looking at many different Internet sources, specifically ones that talk about Theatre of the Oppressed, and Playback Theatre. I have collected so much research so far, and I am off to a great start. I’m at the stage where I am researching the different styles the companies use in depth. I cannot wait to share more with you!!!  

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