Milca Mendez- 3D Printing: A Synthesis of Biology and Art


Hi Everyone! My research titled 3D Printing: A Synthesis of Biology and Art, is going great and I am accomplishing different goals that I had originally set out for myself! I am still working on mastering Rhino, but I am learning a lot. It is a great and it is an amazing feeling to create something digitally, and then be able to hold it in my hand. The duck that I made when I was first learning Rhino was a success! I also finished printing my first 3D teeth!! These are the teeth I will be using to compare the traditional plaster model and the patient’s teeth to! In order to print a file it needs to go through a series of checkpoints, which can take several hours, especially if you are just learning the software. However, the printing process is relatively fast for quality of the finished product. I am working on printing a clear tray to make something that resembles Invisalign. I did a first batch but the model came out way too thick! Though this was frustrating I started from scratch and will be printing a new trial!

Most of my research I undergo in the digital media classroom and in the office with the 3D printer. However, since the design aspect of things can be done on my computer some days I work from home or at jakes java (where coffee is readily accessible). This is great and provides flexibility, though that also means sometimes I decided to work on things late at night “for fun”. I have accomplished a lot but I also have a lot to do. I am excited for the rest of the summer!

Ps. wish me luck I will be taking my dental admission test next week!

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