1 week down. 14 more to go…

So glad your first week went well!

La primera vez no es la última vez

Good news: I survived my first week of school!!! But don’t worry, it wasn’t some huge trial or tribulation. First of all, we only had a 3 week day because Monday was a holiday and I only have class Mondays thru Thursdays, (Yes, you can be jealous). Oh, and on top of that, since it was the first week, there was a lot of administrative stuff to complete and getting to know each other. I only take classes through PECLA, which means I only take classes with other international students.

I am taking 3 classes: Latin American Culture, Argentine Culture and Advanced Grammar. The first two have a textbook and the last one consists of hand outs. I have the same professor for LA Culture and ARG Culture. She is very patient, and kind. The professor for my Adv. Grammar class is funny and charismatic. Many people raise an eyebrow…

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