Don’t Be Just the Intern- Stand Out!

Many students had internships over the summer, and many more will spend time at internships during the semester.  Internships are a wonderful opportunity for professional development, for gaining insight into a potential career, and even earning college credit.  However, internships have a long-held stigma of being a time where students make copies and pour coffee.  Thankfully, students are seeing their internships as something more- an opportunity to network and make a positive image in the working world.  Business Insider posted an article on 15 things an intern can do to stand out.  This will not only end the negative portrayal of interns, but also help interns develop skills and create a professional image for themselves.  Some of the suggestions from Business Insider include:

  1. Dress for success- not only will your supervisor see you as more of a professional, but you will feel more professional.  In turn, you’ll have more confidence in your abilities and new skills.
  2. Practice good time management- Your supervisor will have more respect for you if you take on less, but give high quality work, than if you take on too much and either miss a deadline or submit poor quality work.
  3. Ask questions- this shows you have a genuine interest in what you are learning.
  4. Ask for feedback- typically, you will only have an evaluation at the end of your internship.  By asking for regular feedback, you’ll be able to take initiative and make changes to ensure success.

 Now it’s your turn to share! If you have already done an internship, what other advice would you share to stand out?  Students who plan on interning, what do you plan on doing to make sure you stand out?  Employers, what are you looking for in a stellar intern?

Go here to read all 15 tips and read the full article:

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