A Completed Project… The Beginning of a New Chapter!


Long time, no talk… I am sorry I have left you in the dark about my summer, but that is simply because I have been one busy student! As most of you know I have was at Albright this doing an ACRE (Albright Creative Research Experience) Project entitled Drama Therapy, A different way of theatre. Lets just say this project has taken me on a whirlwind!

A little earlier this month, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to New York City with classmate Madeline Selder, and Professor Julia Matthews to attend a Playback Theatre workshop.
It was such a great time, and we all were able take something good away for our project. We also learned a lot about one another. My favorite part of the trip had to of been when Professor Matthews took us on the ferry to Staten Island! It was a blast!!! 

On August 3rd, 2014 Maddie Sedler and I workshopped our summer ACRE project ! 

With the help of 25 participants, we were able to lead a successful workshop on trust and ensemble building, and Playback Theatre. (Some of our participants were the friends we made at the NY Playback Theatre Conference… How awesome, right?!)

We say that this is just the beginning, because we will be hosting more and more workshops like these around Albright, and other areas of Reading, and Philadelphia! So be on the lookout for dates near you!

I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE THAT WE WERE ABLE TO PULL IT OFF. It was such an amazing experience! I wouldn’t change this summer for the world. I have not only learned about Drama Therapy this summer, but also myself, and how to collaborate with other students and professors.

Posted below are some photos from our workshop!






If you have any questions about ACRE projects, or Drama Therapy! Please reach out!!! I would love to talk to you about it more, and share my experience!


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