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Amanda Kopil: My next steps after graduating from Albright


I am currently going through one of the most challenging transitions in my life. Graduating in May was difficult enough for me because I was very nervous to go to a new school, Millersville to be exact. I have been with my close circle of professors at Albright for 4 years and now I have to start over with new professors. Another factor that makes me nervous to go to another school is the size difference of the campus and the amount of people there are in one area! Albright is a very small school to have graduated from and now it is time for me to move on to literally “bigger and better things”. I knew I wasn’t going to stay at Albright forever but I would have if I could!

            I have two online courses that I have to take at Shippensburg University (a sister school to Millersville) this semester because Millersville does not off these core courses. They are Finance and Accounting and my other one is Strategies in Leadership and Management. This will be my first time ever taking an online course. I am very nervous for this class because I love learning in the classroom and interacting with a professor. These classes are going to be based off of online discussions and homework assignments that are form my books. I really just want to get in the flow of my classes because I really do not know what to expect.

            My other course that I am taking is in class at Millersville. I am taking Topics in Sustainability. I really feel like this class will be great. It has only been a week but my professor is very outgoing and encourages conversational learning, which is something that I enjoy. I am also a graduate assistant working at The Office of the Dean of Math and Science. I will be working on a couple major projects throughout the academic year that the office hosts. Projects such as Science Lectureship and Science Olympiad are huge events at the office and I will be taking on tasks like invitations, emailing, and website updates. I am commuting to school 4 days a week, which is roughly 45 minutes one way, and it will be a lot of driving but I really like my job so it makes it better! I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks will be like. Oh new beginnings!