Amanda Kopil: My next steps after graduating from Albright


I never thought that 6 weeks could go by as fast as it has! To give a little bit of an update so far, I have started my first two assistantship projects at work and I’ve started on major projects for my courses. My graduate assistantship has been great, I really couldn’t have asked for a better work environment. In the office, I work closely with student workers (undergraduates), administrative assistant, administrative manager, and the dean. In about a month and a half the Science Lectureship will be here and I cannot wait! The lectureship is an event where two students from surrounding high schools engage in a collaborative exam involving all fields of the sciences. Seeing everything that happens behind the scenes for an event is very overwhelming! I just started working on the registration list and confirmation letters for the various schools that plan to attend. I have never used so many sticky notes and small reminders on my computer then I have for these events! Also, some advice, when doing an annual event for the first time there is usually always prior year’s information somewhere that can be extremely useful. Another thing; always ask questions! I know this seems simple but even the slightest mistake can change much more than expected.
My classes are going much better than I would have ever expected graduate courses to go. What I mean by this is that I really did expect my classes to be much more difficult than they really are. Not saying that they are not challenging and that I am not learning anything, just that I am more calm and collected! It is quite possible for Albright to have really prepared me for graduate school and made me an all-around better student. I don’t mean to boast but since graduating from Albright and attending a new university, I feel very confident in myself and my choices. My courses are more discussion-based then my undergraduate courses; I think that is the biggest difference. I really like this type of learning because it allows for all of my classmates to get to know each other. This all goes for my two online courses as well. We have to “meet” online every once in a while and it is not lecture-based it is mainly discussion. I think this is because my professors now expect the students to sort of learn the material in our own way and independently. Either way, I like the way this is going!
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