Midterm Mind Break

With midterms in progress, we wanted to break from our traditional posts and share some study tips.  Please feel free to comment and share what helps YOU study best, too!

1. Take short, frequent breaks.  Scientists have determined that studying for 20 minutes and then taking a 5 minute break is more effective than studying for an hour straight and taking a 15 minute break.  It’s easier for the brain to compartmentalize and “file” information into your memory after shorter periods. Same for writing- your brain is less likely to hit writers block!

2. Write it out.  By hand-copying your notes or outline, your brain will focus more on the material than if you just typed on a computer.

3. Use music. Find a music genre that helps you focus- from classical to Beyonce- and use it to keep your focused while you study, since the sound will block out other distractions.

4. Don’t be a night owl.  Many, many students pull all-nighters in an attempt to cram before their exams or write their papers.  Unfortunately, that just reduces your brain’s performance as you go longer and longer without sleep.

5. Learn what works best for you.  Not only in finding the perfect music to get you in the zone, but also what time of day, what smells you need, the perfect location, and what you need to do to get your mind focused. All of these things will come together and help you be ready to ace your midterms!

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