Amanda Kopil: My next steps after graduating from Albright


Midterms have come and gone and this semester seems as though it is doing the same. I feel as though I have not been on track lately with my homework. This usually happens to me once a semester because I get in this great workflow and then I sort of get tired of it and fall behind. It is really difficult to keep your head up and maintain a great work ethic because there is always more then just school going on. It seems as though if someone is doing well at one aspect in life, another is falling short. My assistantship has been fabulous! I love it so much and everything I do is going well and smoothly. Because of this, however, school has been the last thing I have wanted to do. This is not because I do not like what I am doing it is just because of the way I am spending my time and effort. Like I said, this happens to me every semester around midterms so I am quite used to it. I know that I will bounce back and get into tune with everything in my life but as of right now it is difficult.

Stress can really make you want to just quite everything and go the “easy” route. Mitigating these emotions is something that does take practice. College has really helped me with this and I have had a lot of practice! If I feel as though the stress is getting too much, I will take a deep breath and go for a run or walk. This helps me clear my mind and then come back to reality to face what I need to accomplish. Having time to you is a very essential part to making it through stressful times. Just make sure you can always have your goals at the end of the tunnel and constantly work towards them.

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