What Are Employers Looking For?

Regularly, we get an email with articles from our friends at Education Week. They share wonderful insights on the education job market, and tips on how we can best help our education students succeed in their job search.  Last week, there was a very pertinent article about what employers look for in a candidate, and I liked that it was relevant to all job seekers, regardless of their major!  There are three categories that job seekers should focus on as they prepare: their confidence, their appearance, and their work ethic/team player ability. The article also stresses the importance of showcasing these qualities in all aspects of the job search – from networking events, to scheduling with the administrative assistant, to the final interview.  What do you think? Are there other qualities a job seeker should highlight for potential employers? Employers, is there anything else that isn’t on this list but you feel is important in a high-quality candidate?

You can read the full article here: http://blogs.edweek.org/topschooljobs/careers/2014/10/what_do_employers_look_for_in_.html

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