Amanda Kopil: My next steps after graduating from Albright


Everything at work and school is finally really flowing smoothly. I am able to go to work and have a very successful day and get a lot of stuff done. It is always an awkward period when starting a new job. Your not sure how to work throughout the day or just the little things that makes the day go by quicker. Now that I have been there for a couple of months I know some of the professors, administration, and students. One of the big events that I have been putting together, the Science Lectureship, is on November 20th so it is approaching. I am very excited because I sent the invitations, organized registrations, and worked on a lot of small details. I will be working all day with a slight break for class. I will be working registration, ushering during the lecture, and just making sure everything runs smoothly. Working so hard on a project, then seeing it all come together is the best feeling!

My classes are going very well also. I really feel like I got the hang of online classes. I was so nervous at first to take two online classes for the first time but I really have mastered it! My secret is to schedule the assignments in your planner for the day before it is due so you will not forget. I do all of my online course work on the same day at the same time and I make sure it is all finished. The hardest part about the online classes is making sure you do not forget to do what the professor asks because there is not a constant reminder of your course. I do not have to work or go to school on Mondays so I dedicate my day to homework. This way I feel as though the online class is on Mondays and I have to get my work done! My sustainability class is going great. I love the discussions that we have in class they are all very interesting. My classmates all come from different undergraduate backgrounds so that is what makes the discussions so intense. I am finding that I really do love what I have started with this new program.

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