One Semester in Edinburgh almost done and a long Break to plan

Hey everyone,

Wow, I can’t believe my first semester in Edinburgh is almost done, what an amazing amount of memories and adventures. Oh and the loads of work too. Finely got finished with some last large essays, but still one more essay and 2 exams to go till this semester is done.

Ah yes Edinburgh, what a city! But I am having the feeling like I want to travel a bit more too. A few nights ago I planed my month long Winter Break. My friend Oscar Newlands from Cambridge and I tried to figure it all out. Exams end on the 10th of December so on the 11th we’re heading to Melrose Abby and Lindisfarne which is just South of us, and there we’ll be checking out the ruins and the old location of where the Vikings first invaded England. From the 12th to the 16th I’ll go visit my cousin and his family in Northern Ireland and then my friend from Warrenpoint, Ireland who did his study abroad year at our Albright College. In that freshman year that I met him, David Heatley and I became really close friends, so I’m really psyched to see him again after a year and he and the girl, Cathy Lavery, who took his place my sophomore year are going to take me around to a few places in Ireland, and hopefully visit the set of Game of Thrones! Then I return to Edinburgh on the 17th and the next day my friend from Cambridge, Oscar Newlands, will be taking a 3 day long adventure in Orkney, which, if you don’t know the map of Scotland, is the Island right off the top tip. There are a lot of Neolithic ruins there that two historians like us couldn’t miss. Then we return to Edinburgh and we’ll both make our way to his home in Cambridge where I’ll stay for Christmas. So from the 21st of December to the 3rd of January we’ll be at his home in Cambridge and we may take a few trips to close cities in the UK. We hope to be in London on New Year’s Eve. Then when the 4th of January comes around we’ll visit our flat mate who will be staying in Berlin for break and we’ll hang around the city till we leave back for London on the 7th. So between the 7th and the 12th, when classes start up, we’ll be in London/Cambridge or any other city that’s close in Southern England. So It’ll be quite hectic, but hopefully a lot of fun! Can’t wait!

Cheers, Alexio

My and the guys eating burgers right outside the Rugby Stadium where we saw Scotland beat Argentina, what an exciting game!

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