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Hey All! My name is Tori and I am a senior here at Albright College Business Administration with a track in Management. You might remember me from my past posts while I was studying abroad in Germany, but now I decided to switch it up a little bit. For my last semester here at Albright I decided to pick up an internship for a little more experience before I graduate and go out in this big old “real world” that everyone talks about.

Fromm LogoIf you haven’t figured it out yet, my internship is at Fromm Electric, specifically at their corporate office here in Reading. At Fromm I am a General Business Administration Intern. With that title being, well, general, it means that I will be rotating through different departments of the company during my time there. I start out in the Accounting department for a few weeks, then move to Marketing, and from there Human Resources. After that we haven’t exactly figured it out, but we have some time until then!

Last week was my first week at Fromm. I am there on Tuesdays and Thursdays for most of the day. I spent the morning of Day 1 in orientation learning about different policies that I will have to follow and some administrative things like that. After orientation I was sent to my cubicle in the accounting department. I received my login information for their computer system and was put right to work. I ran and printed various reports to help with their end of the money activities. With those reports I had to search for check numbers and dates of the corresponding activities. After finding all the numbers I then had to go and find the invoices and copies of the checks that matched the reports. This doesn’t sound like the most glorious type of work, but I knew going into this department that I would be matching invoices with reports. A lot of accounting is matching and making sure it is correct, and this is just one step in the process! There were other little things given to me throughout the day, but that pretty much sums it up! The toughest part of the day was trying not to mix up all the numbers that I had in front of me and trying to focus my eyes on everything!

My second day there was more about learning how the whole system works. I observed the Financial Analyst in what she does. She showed me a few things including how she makes general ledgers, journal entries, and how to figure out where a mistake could be in the event that numbers do not match up. After watching her I was able to input numerous journal entries into the computer (and crossed my fingers I didn’t type the wrong number!)

While all of this doesn’t sound too exciting to people outside of Accounting, I am glad that I can understand their terminology and how the whole process works. That is kind of the point of this “General Business” internship, to learn the processes of each department!

I hope you all had a great first week of the semester and stay updated on future posts!

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