What Do Employers Want?

As we prepare for job and internship fair season, followed closely by On Campus Interviewing, we often hear from students their fear that they don’t have what employers want. The technical skills are always important- being good with numbers for accounting, writing a lesson plan for education, or knowing HTML code for web design. Then there are other soft skills that employers appreciate, such as teamwork, effective communication, and problem solving ability. However, there are two overarching traits that employers always expect to see, no matter the field: likeability, and trustworthiness. Matthew Lopez, a writer for Education Week, does an excellent job of citing why these two characteristics are imperative. Likeability shows employers that you have well developed social and emotional intelligence- you’re able to understand people and react to them in an appropriate manner. In turn, people will appreciate that you are able to effectively build these interpersonal relationships. The importance of trustworthiness is essential in any relationship, both professional and personal. Employers want to know you have good character, make moral decisions, and will always do what is right. Students should have confidence with these traits, and emphasize them at networking and interview opportunities. Skills can be taught, and job duties can be learned. Employers know it is essential to select candidates that they know are good people!

To read Matthew Lopez’s article, click here:


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