Stephan Brown, Study Abroad-Nicosia, Cyprus Week 3

“Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.” – Maya Angelou


What worried me the most about coming to Cyprus was how difficult it was going to be to make friends in this foreign country. Although it is nice to have friends from global semesters, I wanted to eventually branch out and expand my friendship circle on a more international level. This week I finally made friends not just from Cyprus, but from all over the world.


This week started off with Caleb and I traveling to the northern side of Cyprus with our new friends from Lithuania. We went to the local marketplace to get some fresh produce ( The pistachios from here are amazing!), ate food at a local Kebab place where I tried my first kebab (it was love at first bite) and then we got lost and explored the town. I never in my life met anyone from Lithuania so this was a pretty awesome moment in my study abroad experience. They listen to the same music as us, love to have fun and they always put a smile on my face when I am around them :). Hopefully I get to travel to Lithuania at some point during this semester….Shout out to Adrijana for knowing the song and the dance to the “About a week ago” song!


(Miguel, Gitana, Adrijana, Augustas and Aaron)

The next day we traveled down to old town and decided to go sightseeing around the area. We searched for the tallest building around town and found an awesome view that perfectly depicts the modernity of Nicosia. I think Caleb was in photographers heaven again at this moment.

Old Town view

Old Town Nicosia!


As the week continues, we decided to go on another adventure in Northern Cyprus. This time we went with Vern and Ellen who are always a good time(Seriously Vern’s humor is priceless). We explored the local neighbourhoods and then discovered Buyuk Han.  The Buyuk Han is the largest caravanserai on the island and has many shops and restaurants to see. We ended up eating at a Turkish restaurant and  the waiter told me that I look like Barack Obama’s younger brother and that I should pay for everyone’s food as well as buy all my friends a country of their choice. We also got free dessert and Vern received complimentary tea.  Every trip we take to the north ends with great hospitality and a lot of compliments from the locals…I wanted to go to this place for a long time so it was crazy how we just turned a corner and ended up there.

north side selfie

(Veronica, Ellen, Joey, Myself and Miguel)


Once the weekend arrived the guys and I decided to take a day trip to Larnaca to see the the Stavrovouni Monastery. This monastery is open to guys only and you can see all of Cyprus from here. The view from this monastery not only took my breathe away, but it perfectly answered why I decided to study abroad in the first place. You can see the entire island from here and you are surrounded by peace and silence.  The monks even  gave us a snack and told us a few stories about the monastery’s history. This was a life changing experiencing that I will always remember and I recommend that every guy comes here during their stay in Cyprus. The Stavrovouni Monastery is officially my favorite place in Cyprus so far.

Stavrovouni Monastery

Stavrovouni Monastery

(Miguel, Myself, Aaron, Joey)

Monastery View(The view from the monastery!)


As my week concludes, the last thing that we did was explore some more unfamiliar territory, took more rooftop selfies, went inside the creepiest buildings and as always got lost.

Rooftop Selfie

The best adventures are always the ones that are spontaneous, just pick a place to go and explore it until you have been everywhere. -Stephan Brown


Shout out to the Global Semesters crew for making every weekend an epic one and I look forward to the future memories.

Cyprus crew



(This was done in our Photography 1 class!)

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