Victoria Sweeney – Internship, Fromm Electric

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Hey Again! To remind everyone, my name is Tori Sweeney and I am completing my internship this semester at Fromm Electric here in Reading, PA. I have spent the last three weeks interning in their Accounting Department. The last few weeks have not been the most exciting of work, but I learned a lot about the company. I was able to take the knowledge of my accounting, economics, and finance courses and see how it really works in the “real world”. The point of this internship is for me to find out what type of department I would (or wouldn’t) want to be in for the future. Although I have found out that working in an accounting department isn’t exactly for me, I still learned a lot! Below is a picture of my little cubicle that I have spent the last three weeks in. Nothing special, but it was my place for a while!


Even though I am not an accounting major, I learned a lot and am glad I had the chance to meet and work with everyone in accounting! They are a group of great people, but it is time for me to move on to another department! Starting next week I will be interning in the Marketing Department. Maybe I will find my calling over there? Stay tuned to find out.

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