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Blog PhotoFromm LogoA couple of weeks has passed, so time for another blog! Remember how I was supposed to be finished in accounting and moving onto another department? Surprise! I’m still in accounting! I didn’t realize that they had scheduled me for about six weeks in accounting and the rest of the departments rotate around a three week cycle. Although I was excited to go to a different department for a different experience, I have found that the last few days in accounting has tied together everything that I learned in the first three weeks. I have been trusted with some more “complicated” tasks that involve working more with their system and their spreadsheets. I’ve done a lot of billing and receiving of products to and from our manufacturers and customers, which I was hesitant to do at first. I kept thinking in my mind, “What if I receive the wrong product or bill at the wrong price? How hard will it be to go back and change it?” Then I had to figure that if my supervisors trust me with this then I will be fine and it shouldn’t be too hard to fix if I were to make a mistake.

The department is still working on completing their 2014 Audit and making sure that the bank has everything that they need. Because this is a pretty important task I haven’t been doing too much more than billing, sorting, receiving, and some other excel work. Outside of business majors this may sound tedious and boring, but it is important for business majors to have this type of experience.

Until next time!

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