Time to Freshen Up Your Resume?

We’re trying to think warm thoughts as we head into March and hope we soon see signs of spring! Many people will soon be starting to spring clean, and it’s also a good time to spruce up your resume, no matter where you are in the job or internship search process.  The HR Policy Foundation hosts a wonderful website called Jobipedia, and last week employers gave feedback on 5 ways to improve a resume.  These suggestions could be helpful to you as you review your resume!

  1. Stick to one page.  As you progress in your career, 2 pages will become more acceptable.  But for an entry level position, streamline what is relevant for each position you apply for, and keep the resume to a single page.
  2. Be thorough in your job duties.  Although titles are important, what you have accomplished and what you have gained in your previous experience are even more important.
  3. Tailor each resume to each job posting.  It’s not uncommon for companies to use keyword tracking software, so whenever you can incorporate key words from the posting into your resume, do it! It’ll help you stand out from other candidates who use generic resumes.
  4. Highlight volunteer leadership.  This is important for many reasons- it shows you care about the world around you, that you have skills beyond what you learned in the workforce or classroom, and that you have developed leadership ability even without typical “management experience.”
  5. Don’t forget your job on campus or at Burger King.  Many, many students work through school.  This stands out to employers, since it shows your work ethic, your desire to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals, and your time management ability.

To learn more, read here: http://jobipedia.org/Blog/Post?id=5-ways-to-improve-your-resume-9418

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