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One key skill to have in the workplace is flexibility; be able to work with whatever comes at you. I learned a lot about being flexible this week…

I hadn’t been to Fromm in the last week and a half before this week because of exams and the weather, so I knew I would probably be pretty busy this week going in. It was rotation time so I was officially going to be put in the Marketing Department but when I went in on Tuesday I found out that the Marketing Manager called in sick, so the plan for the day was still kind of up in the air. After talking to all the other departments and looking into the day, it was decided that I would just work in the Human Resources department for the day and hope that the Marketing Manager would be better to come into work on Thursday. A day in the life of Human Resources…Newsletter Publications, Health Insurance, Hiring Documents, and Payroll galore! It was fun to play around with their monthly newsletter and including awards given out that month and various events and meetings that were going to be happening in the future. The most exciting part of the day though were the meetings that I was able to sit in during the afternoon. It was interesting to see how the meetings and presentations were handled by the company and meeting the representatives coming in.

Thursday comes, and the Marketing Manager, Edward, is finally feeling better and can come into work so I can finally start my rotation in Marketing! There are only 2 people that work in marketing, Edward, the manager, and Kyra, the assistant. Pretty much right away I could tell that this was going to be a fun few weeks. The day started off with anything that could go wrong did go wrong. Computers were acting up, software wasn’t working, printers were jamming, but between the three of us we figured it out and were good to go. (Flexibility, remember?) After everything was fixed and squared away, I was able to do some market research on a few magazines, requested some quotes from various places for marketing material and catering, and did a few other little things throughout the day.

I learned a lot this week while shuffling around departments and just going with whatever came my way. I know that Marketing is going to be a great experience and I am going to have a lot of fun with these people…so bring it on!

Have a great Spring break!

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