Wanna See My Ink?

More and more students are getting tattoos and piercings – it’s becoming less of a trend and more a form of self-expression among younger and older people alike. Students are proud of their tattoos and the stories or memories they represent, and they feel more comfortable sharing them in public than past generations. However, many students still feel confusion over whether or not to share their tattoos with potential employers. A student recently took to Jobipedia asking for feedback from hiring experts in various industries regarding whether it’s appropriate to show tattoos during an interview. The responses were generally the same- dress professionally during the interview, and be on the conservative side. It is important to understand the company culture and whether it is a deal breaker for you to be in an environment where tattoos are acceptable. During your chance to ask questions of the interviewer, you may want to ask “how would you describe your company culture” so you have a better idea of how relaxed the office is, or what their dress code allows. To see what the employers had to say, read more here: http://www.jobipedia.org/Questions/Conversation/I-have-visible-tattoos–Should-I-be-worried-about-this-for-my-upcoming-interviews-I-love-my-tattoos-and-would-prefer-not-to-always-have-to-hide-them-when-at-work–My-schools-career-counselor-said-I-should-consider-covering-them-for-my-interviews–Im-

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