But I’ve Only Had One Job! And Other Resume Worries

We encourage all of our students to have resumes, even as freshmen. This way, they are prepared for any networking opportunity, and can apply any time they see an internship or job they like. However, as students begin to compile the information they need for a resume, the deer in headlights look comes out: “but I worked last summer!” Or, “I work in the dining hall! That won’t help me!” A common misconception among students is that a resume only highlights relevant work experience. Indeed, as they get older and more involved in the professional world after graduation, more of their work experience will be listed. As a college student, there are many things they can incorporate, including working in the dining hall! As contributors for Jobipedia point out, there are a variety of things that can be included in a resume for someone looking for an internship or entry-level position. These can include community service activities, involvement in campus activities and organizations, and athletics. These experiences, in addition to summer jobs or on-campus employment, are all excellent opportunities to showcase your transferable skills, which will be useful in any capacity, in any field. Some examples of these skills include time management, event planning and implementation, leadership, and communication. To learn more about a resume without a lot of emphasis on work experience, read here: http://jobipedia.org/Blog/Post?id=write-a-killer-resume-without-a-lot-of-experience-9604

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