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Good Luck Students!


We’d like to take a moment to wish all of our students only the best as they face finals next week!  I know everyone is dreaming of being done classes, but make sure to put in the work, study hard, and finish the semester strong!


Victoria Sweeney, Internship – Fromm Electric

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As the semester comes down to an end, so does my internship at Fromm Electric. My final day was last Thursday and it was very bittersweet (as I am sure the next few weeks will be with graduation coming up!). I learned a lot through my experience at Fromm. With business being such a broad major there are many open doors to go through, and in my time there I have picked some doors to close and others to leave open. Although I have not yet decided where to go with my career, Fromm has helped me along the way.

In trying to answer the question, “What the experience what you expected?” I am not really sure exactly what I expected. I knew it was going to be an interesting experience in getting to know the entire company all around, but I didn’t think it was going to be exactly what it turned out to be in the end. I know that really isn’t detailed at all and doesn’t say much, but I feel like it was just something that one would have to experience to understand.

I think that everyone should do an internship because it helps you understand what you do and don’t like as a career or a company. Every company has a different atmosphere and that is a huge part of liking a job or not. You also get your foot in the door with the type of things that you would be doing on a daily basis in that type of role and you can distinguish if that is something you see yourself doing as a career or not. Sometimes at the end of an internship one might come out thinking that is not what they want to do later on in life, and that is as equally valuable as thinking that it is something they want to do. Every experience is a learning opportunity and I am glad I had my opportunity with Fromm Electric.

A Terrifc 21st Birthday set up in Scotland by my Chaps!

At my 21st birthday dinner where my friend bought me this rich chocolate Rose cake

Hey Everyone,

So this past Monday the 27th of April was my 21st birthday, and the chaps here in Edinburgh threw me a terrific day! The day began with my flatmate, Oscar Newlands from Cambridge, buying me and himself a ticket to Edinburgh Castle. I had planned on seeing it one of these days for a while now but those tickets are a bloody doozy! I’m so appreciative for him making this surprise for me because it was an awesome time at the castle: viewing the Scottish Crown Jewels, seeing where Sir Walter Scott had found them back in 1818, walking along the battlements and all those cannons, looking at the beautiful view of the city from the castle, and checking out all the regimental museums found in it! Most of the afternoon was spent with us delving deep into the dungeons of Edinburgh Castle and drowning ourselves in glorious history.

Me and my bud at Edinburgh Castle

In Mary Queen of Scot’s Chambers in Edinburgh Castle

Taking up position in the guard’s booth in Edinburgh Castle

Then we had to rush over to the flat to get dressed because all my mates, Damin Park, Benjamin Moody, Lukas Kvedas, Sebastian Hegardt, Oscar Newlands, Amir Botros, and Jamie McLaren treated me to a restaurant on the Royal Mile called “The Albanach bar.” It was this fancy pub with excellent food! I had to dress all my guys in my many blazers over here because they have already sent most of their own formal clothes home but they looked smart as hell! Then at dinner as a gift from my British family aka Oscar Newlands’ family, whom I had stayed with for 2 and a half weeks back during Christmas and New Years, they bought the table two bottles of exquisite Jacques Bardelot Champagne! Then my pal Ben surprised me at dinner with this wonderfully rich Chocolate Rose cake! The food, the champagne, the cake, the company, and the conversations were fantastic! Love those guys! 

My boys who threw one awesome 21st birthday for me

Champagne cheers at dinner

My gifts of Jacques Bardelot Champagne from the my british family aka Oscar Newlands family on my 21st Birthday!

The Lamb Shank I had for dinner

Then the last phase of my birthday was a big party in the Sciennes common room where all my friends from the uni came and partied for one last time together, a big thanks to all of them for coming even with all their exam prep! But it was an excellent night of pool, ping pong, foosball, FIFA, drinking card games, and then finally ending the day in the club called “Why Not”! With all the surprises, gifts, and good times they me feel so loved and happy! They really made it one rockin 21st birthday!

Cheers and thanks for reading, Alexio

Crazy end to a crazy birthday at the club Why Not in Edinburgh