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As the semester comes down to an end, so does my internship at Fromm Electric. My final day was last Thursday and it was very bittersweet (as I am sure the next few weeks will be with graduation coming up!). I learned a lot through my experience at Fromm. With business being such a broad major there are many open doors to go through, and in my time there I have picked some doors to close and others to leave open. Although I have not yet decided where to go with my career, Fromm has helped me along the way.

In trying to answer the question, “What the experience what you expected?” I am not really sure exactly what I expected. I knew it was going to be an interesting experience in getting to know the entire company all around, but I didn’t think it was going to be exactly what it turned out to be in the end. I know that really isn’t detailed at all and doesn’t say much, but I feel like it was just something that one would have to experience to understand.

I think that everyone should do an internship because it helps you understand what you do and don’t like as a career or a company. Every company has a different atmosphere and that is a huge part of liking a job or not. You also get your foot in the door with the type of things that you would be doing on a daily basis in that type of role and you can distinguish if that is something you see yourself doing as a career or not. Sometimes at the end of an internship one might come out thinking that is not what they want to do later on in life, and that is as equally valuable as thinking that it is something they want to do. Every experience is a learning opportunity and I am glad I had my opportunity with Fromm Electric.

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