Alexis Jenofsky, Summer ACRE


Left, David Tanner… Right, ME! Alexis

Hi there!

I am super excited to be back and blogging! I am even more excited to share with you my new ACRE project.

This summer I have partnered up with David Tanner on a project entitled Marry Me: A CFA and Audience Engagement. This is Albright’s first ever Arts Administration ACRE… which is SUPER EXCITING.

Back in the summer of 2014, I completed my first ACRE “Drama Therapy: A Different way of Theatre” with Professor Julia Matthews, and Student Madeline Sedler. This was an ACRE that focused more on practice, and different theatre techniques to make theatre a therapeutic outlet. It was a lot of fun, and I took a lot away from it. My ACRE experience was so positive that I had thoughts about doing it again.

During one of my meetings with my advisor David Tanner, I brought up the idea of an Arts Administration project. Right away he was fully invested in the idea and wanted to make it happen. We set up meetings and just talked until we finally got a project topic that we were both interested in.

This was David’s first ever ACRE, so right from the beginning I walked us both through the proposal process. It was a lot of fun working with David on this process, because not only did I teach him a lot but he taught me a heck of a lot in one sitting!

We are now two weeks into our project, and have been reading A LOT!!!!! I cannot wait to share some of my readings with you all… but till then… you must wait! Muwahahaha!

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