Autumn Galka, Intern Abroad- Novafeltria, Italy

“Affogato di Nocciola” is not something really profound in Italian; it’s just Hazelnut Gelato with a shot of espresso Espresso poured over it, however, it is still profoundly delicious.


This summer I have the wonderful fortune to have an internship in Novafeltria, Italy. Novafeltria is on the Eastern side of Italy in the Province of Rimini. The internship position is with an American company, La Musica Lirica that comes to Novafeltria each year to put on three operas with students from the United States and Canada. This year, the operas are Madama Butterfly, L’Italiana in Algeri and Gianni Schicchi. Luckily for myself, everyone speaks English within the company! I am one of the two costume technician interns for the company.



My job requires me to fit, alter and stitch costumes as needed. We’ve only been here for five days and we’ve already made nine pairs of harem pants, the corresponding shirts and fit almost all 15 kimonos for Madama Butterfly. For said Kimonos, I’ve learned to tie an Obi, a harder task than it seems. There is also a local Italian intern working in the costume shop with us. Her name is Gloria and she’s an amazing sport at putting up with us asking her how to say various phrases in Italian.

Aside from the job, Italy is amazing, particularly the food. The pasta! The pasta alone deserves its own post! Gelato is quite incredible as well. I’m not entirely sold on the pizza, it’s quite thin compared to that made in America. Here they also eat pizza with a fork and knife. It’s a clear sign you are American if you pick up your pizza.

View From my Apartment

View From my Apartment

Overall, a successful few day in Italy and hopefully I’ll pick up some of the language; my fingers are crossed!

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