Week Tre: Intern Abroad, Novafeltria, Italy- Autumn Galka

Week Three:

Felice Quarto di Luglio! (Happy Fourth of July!) Here in Italy, we (the technical staff and myself) are going to celebrate the Fourth of July the only way we know how, with a cook out!

For two of our productions, Madama Butterfly and L’Italiana In Algeri, we are currently in Tech. We open Madama Butterfly tomorrow evening. In the costume shop, we have been very busy completing costume notes (anything that needs to be edited before opening night.) Through our tech run-throughs, we have been practicing quick changes and demonstrating how each actor will do their make-up, hair and tie their obi.


Set for L’Italiania in Algeri

This past Sunday, we had the pleasure to take a day trip to Florence. Florence is a truly beautiful city. My fellow interns and I roamed the streets searching for leather shops to purchase souvenirs for relatives. IMG_3793

We browsed through the Palazzo Pitti for a while. The Palazzo Pitti, or the Pitti Palace, has many exhibits and galleries. We travelled through Boboli Gardens there and explored the Costume Gallery (something I was very excited about.) The extreme detail put into the garments was intense. IMG_3820

The Museo degli Argenti, or Medici Treasury, was a must-see. The treasures of yesteryear were incredibly detailed and magnificent, in particular they had Ivory Carvings from the 1700s so delicate that it is sincerely incredible they have lasted centuries. Florence was much easier to manage on the little Italian I have picked up. We decided not to go see the statue of David because our colleagues, in the past, had waited at least two hours to see it. Not that it is not an incredible piece of art, we just would rather explore and see more than wait in line. I do wish I had the opportunity to see The Birth of Venus, but yet again lines.


Back in Novafeltria, life has grown fairly normal here. One fact, I have not grown accustomed to, be that they do not have dryers here. With the exception of Laundromats, dryers are in limited supply and we have to hang our personal laundry on a line and also the show laundry. It’s weird to say I miss dryers but I only have two more weeks here in Novafeltria.

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