Week Quattro: Intern Abroad, Novafeltria, Italy- Autumn Galka

It has been a very long two weeks. We were touring the three operas across the Italian countryside.

Age Make-up on Actress Playing Bonzo in Gianni Schicchi.

Age Make-up on Actress Playing Bonzo in Gianni Schicchi.

It’s truly amazing to have the opportunity to see all of the different towns we would not otherwise have the opportunity to see. All of the venues we performed in have been so different. For our Madame Butterfly performances, we had the pleasure of traveling to Santarcangelo, Legnago and Alfonsine. For L’Italiana in Algeri, we traveled to Santarcangelo and San Marino. We traveled to Talamello and Sant’agata for Gianni Schicchi. Each Opera was also performed at least once in Novafeltria to a packed audience. Our job for running shows was similar to tech-ing a show, helping with make-up and wigs essentially. We had to put age make-up on many of the singers, particularly for Gianni Schicchi. 

It was incredible to see how ornate some of the theatres were.


Beautiful Ornate Theatre in Talamello.

It was particularly hard to travel to Legnago, a 3-½ hour bus trip from Novafeltria. We went to Legnago on a Sunday, and everything is shut down on Sunday in Italy, so after travelling for hours, hunger had set in and it was nearly impossible to find sustenance until much later in the evening. San Marino was absolutely stunning, and I’m so happy we had a show there. My self and fellow Costume Intern, Lauren went to some odd museums, including Museo Delle Torture (Museum of Torture) and Museo Delle Curiosita (Museum of Curosity). Both were very intriguing and informative. Touring was both exhilarating and exhausting.


View From San Marino

This afternoon we had the pleasure of being treated to lunch by one of the heads of the company, Brygida Bziukiewicz Kulig . We were taken to Della Nonna, which essentially means Grandma’s in Italian. You don’t actually order any of the food, Nonna (the chef, whom is the sweetest, little, old lady you’d ever dream of meeting) makes various dishes and simply serves them to you. It was phenomenal. The greatest Italian dishes you could think of graced our plates. My personal favorite was the cannelloni. My time here in Novafeltria is drawing to a close, our closing ceremony is tomorrow and I’m both saddened to be leaving this beautiful, petite Italian town but happy to have the opportunity to explore Rome and finally go home!

Technical Staff Dinner at Della Nonna

Technical Staff Dinner at Della Nonna

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