Casey Ayers- Carpenter Technology


I initially started to pursue an internship last spring and obtained an internship with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. My experience with them was awesome, and I wanted to do another one. I began looking around the middle of summer and applied to a few different places in the Reading area. I updated my resume and drafted a cover letter before having my coach read over it and make the changes he saw necessary. After I got the interview, I began preparing by learning more about the company and by reading over the mock interview packet that the Career Center supplied. The application process was that I needed to provide my resume and cover letter. Next, they did a round of interviews, and then they hired one person. The interview consisted of meeting with three workers from the purchasing department, and they asked a lot of behavioral questions. The thing that I am most looking forward to is learning about supply chain management and how it is a critical part to a manufacturing company. It is a completely different experience than my Merrill Lynch internship because Merrill was a financial services company while Carpenter Technology is a manufacturing company. The thing I am most nervous about is the workload I am going to have balancing the internship, school, and basketball. I am looking forward to learning a lot during my time with Carpenter.

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