New Year, New Changes, New Beginning

Dont Be Afraid of Change

Many students feel a combination of feelings as they come back to school.  Although there is excitement, many students also feel nervous. First year students are nervous to change from high school student to college student.  Returning college students are nervous to change classes, roommates, or roles within a team or campus organization.  Professors are nervous to change classes and advisees. Finally, recent alums are nervous to be continuing their lives without the “back to school” moment as they pursue their professional goals.

Our office is also having a lot of new changes this year.  You’ll see new faces of students as part of the blog.  We’re also introducing Hangouts as a way to meet students in groups on campus, rather than through individual appointments in our office.  This summer we launched a new online platform called Purple Briefcase to help students find jobs and internships, plus it hosts a lot of great resources to help with career preparation.  Finally, we’re hosting smaller, more industry-specific fairs throughout the academic year, in place of our one large fair held in the spring.

Just as students, professors, and alumni are, we’re nervous about these changes, too.  But we’re also really excited to see how these new ideas benefit our students. A new year is a new beginning for all of us, and we know this will be a great year for everyone!

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