Casey Ayers- Internship at Carpenter Technology


After working at this internship for about a month, I am learning a lot. I am learning what goes into acquiring raw materials and other materials to make products. I am learning what each order entails and what standards each vendor has to abide by. The internship so far has exceeded my expectations. I have been so busy and have had very little down time. I also feel like my work is very important to our purchasing team and not just somebody to copy and file papers. This is way different from Merrill Lynch where I had so much down time and sometimes did not have anything to do for a few days there. Being constantly busy and feeling like a part of the team is making for an awesome experience. The only real surprise that I have had is how much they want me to work. I thought around 20 hours a week would be my limit, but they want me there as much as possible. I have been working 27 hours a week, but that will be cut back a little once basketball practice starts up in two weeks. There are not any other interns in my building, so I have not had a chance to meet them to learn about their experiences.

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