Casey Ayers- Carpenter Technology


I have been given more and more responsibility since I have been at Carpenter. I am now being trusted with more and more things when it comes to purchase orders and other things. I have been getting quotes from different vendors for products that we are wishing to purchase. I also am creating a dashboard for the entire procurement department that highlights our statistics like average days to pay, amount spent, inventory, etc. Class projects that have helped me with challenges in my position are big research projects I had to do for Econometrics and Religion. These have helped me because a lot of times I am given something with not much direction or knowledge about and have to figure it out on my own. The experience of searching through academic databases and talking to librarians has helped me tackle these challenges. Carpenter has a pretty casual and easy going culture so being a professional here is not as important of a feature as it was at Merrill Lynch. With my experience at Merrill, I would give the advice to always look and act professional because nobody will respect you, and a lot of your business comes from being a professional. Nobody wants to do business with somebody who conducts themselves in a nonprofessional way. My advice of buying professional attire on a college budget would be look at the sales at Kohl’s. They always have excellent sales on shirts and sweaters. Also, I would look at the thrift shop for suit jackets because they have some really nice stuff for cheap.

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